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COVID-19, ENAC – EASA: promulgate iniziative informative

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Riguardano passeggeri, aziende e aerolinee

“Emergenza COVID-19 - Misure di esenzione e Note Informative ENAC”

Sul sito web di ENAC, in data 2 Aprile sono state rese disponibili on-line una serie di “Misure di esenzione e Note Informative ENAC - Trasporti in biocontenimento con elicotteri, il documento "ENAC GUIDELINE FOR THE INSTALLATION OF THE ISOARK N36, High Bio-Containment System on helicopters AW139 and AW169 Helicopters”.

ENAC sottolinea come “La diffusione della pandemia di Coronavirus impone l’assunzione immediata di iniziative di carattere straordinario ed urgente finalizzate a garantire per il settore dell'aviazione civile  le necessarie misure di flessibilità per mantenere il livello adeguato di sicurezza. Nell'ambito dei propri compiti istituzionali, l'ENAC collabora con le varie Autorità ed Enti impegnandosi costantemente ad affrontare i diversi scenari che possono presentarsi nel corso dell’epidemia.”

EASA sullo stesso Coronavirus COVID-17 sostiene:

“In these extremely difficult times for the aviation industry, EASA is putting into place the measures required to ensure that operations can continue in as normal a manner as possible while still remaining safe. We know there are a huge number of urgent issues that need to be tackled - related to the hygienic safety of aircraft, application of existing rules around licensing and training, maintenance issues and many, many more. We are working to steer you through this crisis and address the needs of our stakeholders so as to ensure that aviation can remain operational and safe for everyone involved: pilots, crews, passengers and everyone else who makes this great industry function. To this end, we are in constant contact with the national aviation authorities in Europe and our other stakeholders and working as fast as we can to put the needed measures in place.”

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Operational references

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