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Storia, breve elenco di flotte civili/commerciali messe a terra

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Se l'ultimo caso ha riguardato il Boeing 737-8/900 MAX, ecco le altre!

Il sito Aviation Safety Network della Flight Safety Foundation ha fornito il seguente elenco:


On March 13, 2019, all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft were temporarily grounded worldwide by relevant authorities and airlines. The MAX was not the first aircraft in aviation history to be grounded globally.


2019: Boeing 737 MAX

First aircraft in service: 2017

Grounding in effect: March 13, 2019 (some airlines and countries on March 11 and 12)

Regulatory action: FAA Emergency Order (other countries took own regulatory actions)

Grounding lifted: November 18, 2020 (by FAA)

Reason for grounding: Fatal accidents involving Lion Air 601 and Ethiopian 302


2013: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

First aircraft in service: 2009

Grounding in effect: January 16, 2013

Regulatory action: Emergency AD

Grounding lifted: April 19, 2013

Reason for grounding: Two lithium ion battery failures on January 7 and January 16.


2000: Concorde

First aircraft in service: 1976

Grounding in effect: August 16, 2000

Regulatory action: Withdrawal of the Airworthiness Certificates of all Concordes

Grounding lifted: November 2001

Reason for grounding: Doubts about the fuel tank safety following the crash of Air France flight 4590.


1982: Yakovlev Yak-42

First aircraft in service: 1980

Grounding in effect: 1982

Regulatory action: unknown

Grounding lifted: October 1984

Reason for grounding: Design fault which caused horizontal stabiliser screw jack mechanism to fail on a Yak-42 on June 28, 1982, killing 132.


1979: McDonnell Douglas DC-10

First aircraft in service: 1971

Grounding in effect: June 6, 1979

Regulatory action: Emergency Order, suspending the Type Certificate

Grounding lifted: July 13, 1979 (June 19 for European airlines)

Reason for grounding: Doubt about the engine pylon assembly not meeting certification criteria following the crash of American Airlines flight 191 .


1954: de Havilland Comet

First aircraft in service: 1952

Grounding in effect: April 1954

Regulatory action: Airworthiness Certificate was revoked

Grounding lifted: 30 September 1958

Reason for grounding: Two in-flight break up accidents involving BOAC Flight 781 and South African Airways Flight 201.


1947: Douglas DC-6

First aircraft in service: 1947

Grounding in effect: November 11, 1947

Regulatory action:  Voluntary grounding by airlines

Grounding lifted: after four months

Reason for grounding: Grounding following a series of inflight fires including the fatal crash of United Airlines Flight 608 on Oct 24, 1947


1946: Lockheed Constellation

First aircraft in service: 1945

Grounding in effect: July 12, 1946

Regulatory action: Government Order

Grounding lifted: August 23, 1946

Reason for grounding: Grounding following fatal in-flight fire accident of TWA Flight 513 on July 11, 1946