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Boeing 787 Dreamliner, emanata una circolare FAA

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Ancora “anomalie” alla Boeing, sono in corso ispezioni e riparazioni

Per supposti “difetti di manutenzioni” sarebbe imminente la messa a terra della flotta Dreamliner Boeing 787. Il primo volo del “grande” bimotore a fusoliera larga è avvenuto nel 2009 e oltre 900 sarebbero stati prodotti. Quanti in esercizio attivo?

La FAA -USA ha, intanto, predisposto una serie di ispezioni e riparazioni. Le anomalie sarebbero strutturali e riconducibile alla fusolliera. I primi otto velivoli sono stati messi a terra.

“Boeing Finds New “Manufacturing Defects” in 787 Dreamliners Prompting Grounding

The Federal Aviation Administration said it is investigating the matter.

“It is too early to speculate about the nature or extent of any proposed Airworthiness Directives that might arise from the agency’s investigation,” said the spokesman, Lynn Lunsford, referring to potential safety orders that could be imposed on Boeing.

The Chicago-based company, which builds planes in Washington state and South Carolina, said it delivered 13 airliners last month, including four 787s, which Boeing calls the Dreamliner. It is a popular plane among airlines for international routes.

Boeing’s slow pace of deliveries since early 2019 has robbed the company of much-needed cash.

During production of the horizontal stabilizer at a Boeing plant, some parts were clamped together with too much force, resulting in improper gaps between sections. Boeing doesn’t believe it is an immediate safety issue but could lead to premature aging of the fuselage, and it is delaying some 787 deliveries while determining whether repairs are needed on planes that have already been delivered.”